How It Works

If you think you can’t get business capital without a loan, think again. With a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) from Elite Funding Group, you can get access to quick capital, on your terms, for your business needs. Below, we explain the process of applying, getting approved, receiving funding, and paying for your cash advance.

Applying for an MCA

Applying starts by calling our funding specialists at 631-782-8770 or completing the contact form available on this page. You don’t need to provide your full credit history; simply provide us with an estimated amount of your monthly credit card receipts, total monthly revenue, and the cash advance amount you’re requesting.

Getting Your MCA Request Approved

Once you send your inquiry to us, one of our funding specialists will contact you. During this conversation, we’ll ask for some financial data and have you complete a cash advance application form. Below are the criteria we consider when evaluating MCA applications:

  • Length of business operations (6 month minimum requirement)
  • At least $8,000 per month in revenue
  • Significant potential for future business growth

Want more information? See Do I Qualify?

Receiving MCA Funding

When you’re approved for an MCA, we’ll notify you of the terms and present you with an offer. When you accept the offer, Elite Funding Group will transfer the cash advance directly to your bank account the day you accept.

Paying for an MCA

Elite Funding Group works with you to establish how quickly you’ll finish paying for the cash advance, based upon a predetermined percentage of your business revenue. Have more questions about MCA funding? Don’t hesitate to contact us.